Frada Berenshteyn

If you are searching for a career that will bring fulfillment and purpose to your life, you are in the right place. I have nearly twenty years of experience working in science driven institutions-both in academia and industry. I come to work every day with the ambitious purpose to better peoples’ lives. Your life is your most significant project, design it the way you want!

Working as a scientist and developing cutting-edge technologies every day brought me satisfaction. However, at some point I noticed when I helped other people learn, develop and improve, it brought me just as much satisfaction as the science. I came to realize that a coaching career would be an excellent life fit.

I polish my coaching skills on a daily basis by designing training and presentations that help people learn and develop. I added a business touch to my program after completing an Executive MBA degree and managed to merge arts, science and business into a package that allows me to help people determine their values, visualize the life they want to live and to map their future.

I believe that together we will be able to determine your purpose, define your personal mission and goals as well as to design a strategy that allows you to execute on your dreams and land you a life-changing job.

I take a personalized and customized approach, working closely with every client, and matching this approach to the constantly changing real-life market environment.

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