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We offer most flexible and convenient session options. If you have a busy schedule, we offer evening and weekend sessions, if you can’t make it to face-to-face session, we can conduct it through skype or on the phone, so that you can learn and develop from the comfort of your own home! We help you to become successful as soon as possible!

For entry-level and mid-career professionals

Did you get the seemingly right degree and a job that fits that degree perfectly, yet you lack the sense of fulfillment at work? Do you ask yourself a question whether you are going to spent the remaining professional decades of your life in a boring routine? Do you want to continue trading time for money? If the answer is yes, then you can spent a third of your life following that routine, but if the answer is no and you know that a career change is necessary, contact us today! Let us take you to the life you have always envisioned for yourself-come to work aspired, motivated and full of energy that will be invested into innovation and creation! Enjoy your vacations without dreading the end, feeling fear and anxiety coming back to work! Enjoy your life to the fullest with your incredible new career to provide for this life-style!


  • 1 session

  • 5 session package

  • 10 session package

  • Half-a-year package-12 sessions

  • One year package-48 sessions

  • *Most popular: One full day (8 hours) spent with your coach and consultant*