Our comprehensive and individualized packages are designed for you to clearly visualize your career map, determine your strengths, values and build on them! As a result, you will be able to see a clear picture of who you are professionally and to get there. We reduce the stress for search, minimize uncertainties and prepare you for the aspirational career and an amazing life! Feel engaged, feel passion and satisfaction in your dream career!

What we will do together:

  • Assess individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Map and generate career matrix

  • Project and set long-term goals

  • Set short-term goals and make a plan their achievement

  • Follow up on individual achievements

  • Build up on successes and fit them to the long-term goal

  • Build resume, cover letter

  • Prepare for interviews (mock interviews)

  • Career coaching and consultations

  • Job coaching and consultations

Only 40% of high school students report that their school career center was helpful in matching their interests and abilities to a particular career; 98% of our coachees develop a clear idea of what their career should be.

While 63% of people dislike their career and 23% report hating their job, 96% of our coachees and consultees are happy with their new career choice and direction! We have a proven path to success!