My interactions with the Frada Consulting group and getting access to the outstanding services they provide changed the outcome of my education. I would not find the opportunities that I did and would not graduate college with a full time job without Frada’s coaching and consulting, help in building my resume and preparing for the interviews with my coach”

/  Leslie M., Research Scientist /



Passionate, energetic and dedicated career professionals who care! Together with my coach we worked in a partnership, yes, that’s how it felt! I needed help determining what my next career step should be, worked on my resume, cover letter, went through a number of mock interviews and..ola! I got the job I wanted!”

/  Andrew S., Business Management  /



I had seven years of work experience at the job I did not particularly like and as a result I was not happy with the organization I worked in all together. I knew I needed a change, but was not sure where to start. A friend recommended me to Frada Consulting services and I went. I met determined and enthusiastic coaches and consultants that have years of diverse experience in life sciences, engineering, software engineering and management among other skills.

After a few coaching sessions, I was able to gain my confidence back, knew where my strengths lie and determined what my next step in a career ladder should be. I was able to receive an outstanding help and support from my coach in every area of a career development process I needed. As a result, I have a job I love in the organization I love, thanks to Frada Consulting. I highly recommend five stars!"

/  Matt K., Pharmaceutical Sales  /



Building up my resume, cover letter, mock interview sessions got me interviews and success in obtaining a job I dreamt of”

/  Kimberly N., Child Development Center  /



At Frada Consulting we worked together on determining my professional skill set strengths, my interests and passions. After this, we built the perfect mid-level resume that contained the critical elements that conveyed who I was professionally-my values, my core job skills, professional achievements, experience and professional growth. Now I have a great job!”

/  Ellen A., Business Analyst  /



My son was ready to graduate high school and had no future direction in life-no particular desire for education, no drive to obtain a technical, or any professional training for that matter either. I felt that somehow my husband and I had overlooked my son’s professional development. Maybe things came too easy in life for him, but he was turning into an adult and I could not see him doing nothing with his life.

Frada Consulting changed our world! The first two coaching sessions “broke the ice” and my son started exhibiting interest in getting education. After three more sessions, my son had an idea of what he would like to learn and after a few more sessions, he applied to college to study engineering! He was always strong in math and loved to build things, but our family overlooked it! Thanks to Frada, my son is a sophomore in college now, his major of study has not changed and he absolutely loves the program! He still uses coaching and consulting sessions from Frada Consulting to navigate him through his professional career, but pays for the services with his own money, because he is an adult now and has a part-time job!”

/  Emily D., Nurse Practitioner  /